fall tour

Why You Need a Video Tour of Your Home in Fall

As potential home sellers head into the autumn months, it’s a smart move to make sure your agent plans to do a video tour of your home this season. Even if you don’t have plans to list your home until the later winter months or closer to a December PCS, below are four reasons why […]

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homey modern kitchen with a vase of tulips on the table

DIY Updates for an Outdated Kitchen That Won’t Break the Bank

With the current buzz surrounding the housing market, many potential homebuyers are finding that the saying, “Beggars can’t be choosers,” is proving true. With demand outpacing supply and the cost of home materials continuing to rise, there are far fewer new construction homes available for sale. What’s left are existing homes of various ages and […]

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woman hanging pictures

Is the Cost of a Professional Staging Worth It?

 Whether you are a military family planning your next PCS or a civilian prepping to list your home for sale, it can feel like the expenses are endless. In fact, it might even feel like the drain plug has been removed from your checking account and you are watching every extra dollar circle the drain […]

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room in disrepair from demo/renovations

Is a Fixer-Upper Right for You?

If you have watched any home improvement television shows over the past few years it is likely you have been lulled into the belief that most house flips or major home improvements can be solved neatly inside a thirty-minute primetime cable window. Hiccups, delays, and expensive repairs are often glossed over and what viewers end […]

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woman on phone in a room full of boxes

How Google Can Help You Organize Your PCS

So, it’s almost time to PCS again? This time around you have promised yourself you are going to be more organized and efficient with your time and mental resources, but where do you begin? Whether you have an immediate PCS on the horizon or one in the (not so) distant future, these eight Google apps […]

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small home

Secrets of Small Home Living

Maybe you have seen one of the dozens of television shows touting the benefits and blessings of tiny homes. As a military family who relocates frequently, you have either scoffed at the possibility of having too much stuff to fit into such a diminutive dwelling as you relocate every few years, or you have been […]

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screened in porch with warm sunlight pouring in

What Do You Love About Your Home? Seeing Your Home Through a Buyer’s Eyes

There’s no denying that no one loves your home like you do. The way you have your furniture arranged for maximum livability, favorite photos, and sentimental items displayed, as well as the practical and functional use of all manner of appliances and gadgets is what makes your home uniquely yours.  When it comes to potential […]

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person tying shoe in front of dumbbell

Setting Up a Personal Fitness Space in Your Home

It seems as if every January, a large number of people vow to get in better physical shape by making New Year’s resolutions. Most gyms and fitness centers can prove that a bulk of their new membership comes in January but by mid-February, all of those well-laid plans to hit the treadmill and weight equipment […]

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boxes of holiday decor

Putting Away and Storing Decor

Fall has faded and the winter holidays are over, too. Now it’s time to think about putting away the seasonal decor for another year until you need them again. Whether you have a PCS on the horizon or are just looking to revamp your organizing system, consider these six tips for putting away and storing […]

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diy decor

DIY: Holiday and Winter Decor

No matter where or how you plan to celebrate the holidays this year, part of the joy and fun of this season is found in all of the wonderful decor you can use to enhance your home and enrich your experience. Whether your decor is about to be packed up or recently delivered for a […]

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