ipad with a home listing displayed

Using Your Property Listing to Your Advantage

When it’s time to list your home on the real estate market, it can be easy to allow yourself to feel nervous that your home may not stand out among the other homes you see on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Don’t fret! Instead of seeing the other houses as your competition, use the information […]

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couple hugging with keys in hand and boxes in background

10 Habits of Successful Real Estate Customers

Entering into a working relationship with a real estate professional should be seen as a strategic partnership. As most partnerships go, there is give and take, back and forth, as both parties involved play specific roles. Below are ten adjectives and their definitions of qualities that describe successful real estate customers.  Real Estate Customers Are… […]

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house figurine on a clipboard with a magnifying glass and calculator

Why Measure Local Real Estate Markets Against National Trends

What Measuring Your Local Real Estate Market Against National Trends Can Tell You You hear or read it all the time: “The real estate market is burning hot right now,” or “It’s a seller’s (or buyer’s) market,” or “Interest rates are at an all-time low.” When these headlines come across your newsfeed maybe you think […]

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spring updates

Inside Out: Home Updates for Spring

Whether you plan to list your home for sale this spring or you plan to stay put, there’s no doubt that every home could use some spring-time sprucing, both inside and outside. Below are tips for some no-cost and low-cost updates. With that extra hour of Daylight Saving Time “springing forward,” there’s an extra hour […]

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agent working with couple at desk

The Old Way is Out: New Ways a Real Estate Pro Can Help You

As time evolves and technology advances, nearly every industry feels the impact. The real estate industry is no different. Over the past ten to fifteen years, the internet and tech innovations have changed many components of buyers and sellers working with professional real estate agents.  Many processes and much of the access to information needed […]

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couple at a table looking at paperwork

Pros of Using a Real Estate Pro(fessional)

“You should consider using a real estate professional,” says the real estate professional. This sounds obvious, ironic, and too on the nose, right? It is akin to a tax professional enumerating the benefits of filing your taxes with a CPA or a personal trainer telling you that it’s preferable to lose weight and get healthier […]

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screened in porch with warm sunlight pouring in

What Do You Love About Your Home? Seeing Your Home Through a Buyer’s Eyes

There’s no denying that no one loves your home like you do. The way you have your furniture arranged for maximum livability, favorite photos, and sentimental items displayed, as well as the practical and functional use of all manner of appliances and gadgets is what makes your home uniquely yours.  When it comes to potential […]

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Big blue house with a nice yard

Biggest House on the Block: How Price Per Square Foot Impacts Your Home Value

There are many ways to value a home. Some argue a home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Others look to an estimated algorithm provided by services like Zillow. Knowing your price per square foot (PPSF) and how that impacts both listing price and time on the market is an […]

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tax paperwork and a calculator on a desk

Ending One Tax Year and Preparing for the Next

If you had a Permanent Change of Station in 2020, you may have sold an existing home, turned your home into a rental, bought a new home, some combination of the three! Chances are your taxes as they relate to homeownership may be more complex than the average person, especially if you owned property in […]

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diy decor

DIY: Holiday and Winter Decor

No matter where or how you plan to celebrate the holidays this year, part of the joy and fun of this season is found in all of the wonderful decor you can use to enhance your home and enrich your experience. Whether your decor is about to be packed up or recently delivered for a […]

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