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Home Ownership or Adventure?

Home ownership is the American dream for many military families. The idea of setting down roots, even temporary ones, can be incredibly appealing when you’re so often on the move. Also appealing is the idea of traveling the world—getting to decide where you want to go for a change, rather than being at the mercy […]

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Awkward Moments in Real Estate

In honor of National Humor Month, we’re sharing some of the hilariously awkward moments that can happen when you’re buying or selling a home. Better than that, we’re sharing tips for how to avoid them in the first place! Avoid surprises. Surprises are great—for your birthday. They’re less wonderful when it comes to being caught […]

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When to Laugh and When to Run

Your real estate agent shares with you that there’s a new listing on the market that you should see right away. It’s the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s a fenced-in yard for your puppy. It’s five minutes from base and in a good neighborhood with well-regarded schools and a reputation for having a […]

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How Much to Offer

If you’re at the point in the house hunting process where you’re asking yourself how much you should make an offer for, that’s exciting news! It means you’ve found a house that you could see yourself calling “home.” But it also means you’re likely in a panic about exactly how much you should make your […]

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Timing an Offer

Real estate is time-sensitive. Timing affects what options are on the market. Whether it’s a better time for buyers or sellers. How active (or slow) the market is. Who else is looking for a home. All of it is impacted by timing. For military families, timing is even more critical. When the new orders are […]

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