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The Whys of Owning a Home

Military families can be very quick to dismiss home ownership as a viable option until they’re ready for their forever home. But with the help of a real estate agent, you can find a “right-now” home that serves your family well. You can potentially pay less to own than to rent. Don’t assume that it […]

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Mandatory Repairs to Make Before Listing Your Home

You’re about to list your home and perhaps feel overwhelmed by the number of things you think you need to deal with before that can happen. The broken things. The worn and torn things. The guidance from your friends with too many opinions and the internet. The easiest way to help that overwhelmed feeling subside […]

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Back to School: Five Tips for Finding the Right School for Your Military Child

In the civilian world, families tend to know where they want to live and then see what the school districts are like in the area, deciding on public, private, charter, or homeschool accordingly; or they know where they want their kids to go to school and then choose where they live based upon that information. […]

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Home Improvements You Can’t Ignore

There are two kinds of people in this world when it comes to home improvements: the handy types who roll up their sleeves and are prepared to take on any project, and those who call in the paid professionals. That first group? Empowered, self-confident. The latter? Not big fans of electrocution or flooding. Us? We […]

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Rent v. Own: Four Factors for Military Families to Consider Regarding Housing

66,100,000. That’s how many blogs, articles, resources, and opinions Google generously spits back when we type in “military families own or rent.” Obviously, renting versus owning a home is a quandary that’s very much on the minds of lots of folks. In the name of convenience (we don’t imagine you’ve got time to read over […]

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