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Top 3 Reasons You Should Trick-or-Treat If You’re House Hunting

If you have kids or have ever opened your front door on Halloween night, you likely know that there are some unwritten rules we have about when it’s okay or not okay to go trick-or-treating. Children in costumes being pulled in a red wagon—okay. Pack of menacing-looking teenagers—not okay. And then somehow trick-or-treating in college […]

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DIY: Playroom Fun

When you ask most military families, the first spaces they set up after a move are those that their children will occupy. The reason for this is twofold: For one, if the kids are happy, entertained, and contained, unpacking the rest of the house is much easier. But possibly more importantly, reestablishing your child’s rhythm […]

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Awkward Moments in Real Estate

In honor of National Humor Month, we’re sharing some of the hilariously awkward moments that can happen when you’re buying or selling a home. Better than that, we’re sharing tips for how to avoid them in the first place! Avoid surprises. Surprises are great—for your birthday. They’re less wonderful when it comes to being caught […]

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When to Laugh and When to Run

Your real estate agent shares with you that there’s a new listing on the market that you should see right away. It’s the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s a fenced-in yard for your puppy. It’s five minutes from base and in a good neighborhood with well-regarded schools and a reputation for having a […]

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“Must Haves” and “Nice to Haves”

There are (or there should be) two houses in your head when you’re picturing where you’ll next call “home.” One is your dream home, the one with the gorgeous center kitchen island and the water feature in the backyard that leads into a scenic forest where you can see deer frolicking in the woods from […]

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Only Fools Fall in Love (with a House They Can’t Afford)

You found “it.” You know, the one. The house that you’ve been looking for that is just “perfect.” And you are totally in love with it. That’s fantastic news, in theory. In practice, that’s only great news if you’ve already established that the house is within your budget—not that larger number the bank is happy […]

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The Five Love Languages and Your Perfect Home

When you’re in house-buying mode, you’re often inundated with options. You’ve no doubt poured over countless listings, done drive-bys of neighborhoods with “for sale” signs, spent far too many hours watching video tours of homes, and done more than your fair share of open houses. With all these potential properties on the table, how do […]

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7 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Outsource

Home ownership brings with it personal pride, the opportunity to build equity in something that will endure, and the freedom to do what you want with your home. If you’ve spent enough time in base housing, you know there’s something magical about being able to splash bright colors on walls and not worry (as much) […]

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7 Important Financial Considerations to Make Before Buying a Home

Whether to buy or rent is a controversial question, to say the least. Add in the unpredictability of military life, and the stakes are even higher when it comes to deciding whether home ownership is a viable option for your family. Here’s what you should consider before buying a home. Are you eligible for a […]

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5 Social Media Hacks For Crushing Your Next PCS Move

5 Social Media Hacks For Crushing Your Next PCS Move

Available technology  makes it easier than ever for military families to learn about their duty station. But searching on Google alone won’t cut it. That’s where social media swoops in to save the day and can make you an expert on your new neighborhood before you even get there! Hack №1 — PinterestI’m sure I don’t need […]

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