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DIY Home Office

If you’ve moved for/with the military, then you already know that sometimes the house you rent or buy at your new duty station isn’t always the house of your dreams—the one with the basement where you can set up your workout equipment or the spare bedroom for the craft room you fantasize about having in […]

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How Much to Offer

If you’re at the point in the house hunting process where you’re asking yourself how much you should make an offer for, that’s exciting news! It means you’ve found a house that you could see yourself calling “home.” But it also means you’re likely in a panic about exactly how much you should make your […]

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Timing an Offer

Real estate is time-sensitive. Timing affects what options are on the market. Whether it’s a better time for buyers or sellers. How active (or slow) the market is. Who else is looking for a home. All of it is impacted by timing. For military families, timing is even more critical. When the new orders are […]

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