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How Much Should I Have in My Rainy Day Fund?

When you’re factoring in the expenses of home ownership, the cost of things like your mortgage, taxes, and insurance are calculated. And there’s a general sense of “I’ll need to plan to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance.” But how much do you need to have accessible (saved) to cover the expense of home […]

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DIY: Outdoor Privacy

You love your neighbors (hopefully). You love the feeling of community and togetherness. Chances are also high that you like privacy and boundaries as well. Most folks think of fences when they think of privacy. But fences can be a prohibitively expensive proposition, particularly if you’re not likely to be in your current home for […]

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Neighborhood Fun

Your neighbors are important because everyone wants to live in a nice neighborhood. Because we, despite living in a world that’s seemingly constantly connected, feel disconnected and long for the idyllic streets of our childhood (or the heartwarming movies we watch). Because we fantasize about our kids, fresh into yet another military move, bonding instantly […]

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Home Ownership or Adventure?

Home ownership is the American dream for many military families. The idea of setting down roots, even temporary ones, can be incredibly appealing when you’re so often on the move. Also appealing is the idea of traveling the world—getting to decide where you want to go for a change, rather than being at the mercy […]

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10 Tips for Spring-Cleaning Your House

There’s something miraculous about spring. The skies are bright, the sun is shining, everything is new and fresh and beginning to blossom. It’s as though the earth has given us a do-over button, and it’s the perfect time to bring that feeling to your home with a good spring-cleaning. Most of us love the results […]

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DIY Home Office

If you’ve moved for/with the military, then you already know that sometimes the house you rent or buy at your new duty station isn’t always the house of your dreams—the one with the basement where you can set up your workout equipment or the spare bedroom for the craft room you fantasize about having in […]

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How Much to Offer

If you’re at the point in the house hunting process where you’re asking yourself how much you should make an offer for, that’s exciting news! It means you’ve found a house that you could see yourself calling “home.” But it also means you’re likely in a panic about exactly how much you should make your […]

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Timing an Offer

Real estate is time-sensitive. Timing affects what options are on the market. Whether it’s a better time for buyers or sellers. How active (or slow) the market is. Who else is looking for a home. All of it is impacted by timing. For military families, timing is even more critical. When the new orders are […]

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Home Decorating Design Inspiration

Websites for Design Inspiration

A new-to-you home is a blank slate that awaits your personal touch. Whether you’re here for a spell or here for the long haul, the key to making a house a home is first to fill it with the ones you love and then make it uniquely yours. You bring the people, and we’ve got […]

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